Welcome to Our New line of Handles!
We offer a large selection of fishing reel Handles for most popular reel models. To get the most out of your fishing reel consider upgrading your reel handle (round or t bar): Shimano Reel Handle, Penn Reel Handle, Daiwa Reel Handle, Abu Garcia Reel Handle, Fin-Nor Reel Handle, or just the reel knob available in both round and t bar and guaranteed to fit most conventional and spinning reels.

Why UPGRADE with our Power Handles?

  • Provides additional cranking power (increased torque) thru the extended length of the handle blank.
  • Permits the application of additional force from the forearm as the wrist is “rolled” around the knob.
  • No more inefficient “straight-arm” cranking.
  • Only a power handle can produce maximum force.
  • Increased Comfort – Strain and fatigue is reduced in the fingers and wrist.
  • The choice of 2 T-bar knob sizes permits a better fit to your hand.
  • Anodized Aluminum, lighter in weight than the stock brass handles.
  • Hi-Tech, attractive in appearance.

 Molded Rubber T Handle 4 1/8″ $19.95 each, Black only.



 Mini round knobs 1 3/8″ $17.95 each.



Standard T-Bar Only $29.95 each.


Standard size and Jumbo T-bar handles and knobs.

Available in Silver, Black or Gold
Standard T-Bar is 3-3/4″”
Jumbo is 4 1/8″
Round Knob 1.85″ diameter.

Round Knob Only $24.95 each.
Standard T-Bar Only $29.95 each.
Jumbo T-Bar Only $39.95 each.


Blanks to pair with either size T-Bar or Knob.
$12.95 each Black only. Blanks
are reel specific, the ones above may not be the ones that work on your reel, just
an example. See below.

$37.90 for any blank plus Round Knob handle.

$42.90 for any blank plus standard size T-Bar handle.

$52.90 for any blank plus Jumbo T-Bar handle.

Handle Blanks

Blank #

  1. Fits Shimano TLD 5, 10, 15, Star, speedmaster, charter special, Lexa, Torium 14-30, Tekota 300-600, Trinidad 12-30, CT700 TE300 TE400, Daiwa Sealine, Saltist, Saltiga star drag, Luna, Penn 975, Penn 525, 535, 545, 555, Squall, Torque 12 & 25, Abu 6600 and lower, Finnor offshore conventional.  (some of these models need nut, plate and screw)

2) TLD 20/25 Single speed, Tyrnos and Talica Single Speed

3) TLD 20/30 2 speed, Tiagra 12-30, Tyrnos 2 speed, Tiagra 30II 50

4) Talica 8 & 10 2 speed, 

5) Talica 2 speed 12 thru 25

6) Torium 50, Tekota 700 & 800, Trinidad 40 & 50

7) Penn 113H, Penn International 20, 30, 50 and many other Penn reels including level winds

8) Penn 114H, 115, and Daiwa 600 & 600H

9) Penn 500, 140 and many other Penn reels

10)  Newell all except “C”

11) Shimano low profile, Curado, Calcutta 50, 100, 200, 250, 300, 400

T-Bar and Knob Assembly Instructions

T-Bar and Knob Assembly Instructions.pdf – PDF format

Attaching the Round Knob to the Handle Blank.

There are 2 basic parts to all power handles; the knob and the handle blank.

First, remove the Philips head screw from the bottom of the knob. Keep the washer on the internal knob screw as the washer is positioned between the knob and the handle; not between the knob and the Philips head screw.

To attach the knob to the handle blank, you must unscrew the two halves of the knob. Place a normal screw driver into the bottom half of the knob and use the screw driver to push the internal screw past the bottom of the knob.

Place a small amount of Loctite (medium strength) into the opening of the internal screw.

Attach the Philips head screw thru the handle blank into the knob. With the normal screw driver inserted into the bottom of the knob to prevent rotation, tighten the Philips head screw.

If the knob seems loosely attached to the handle blank, you should tighten the internal screw while keeping the external Philips heads from rotating with the use of the Philips head screw driver.

Use of Round Power Knob with Most Reels, without blank

The Power Knob, without handle blank, can be installed on most reels, both conventional and spinning reels by drilling out the retaining rivet of your existing reel knob.  Then the Power Knob is easily attached. The hole needs to be 6mm.

T-Bar Assembly with pictures

You will need a straight screwdriver, phillips screwdriver, allen wrench, Loctite 242 blue.

Unscrew the allen screw in the end of the t-bar


Pull the shaft out of the handle.


Tap the shaft gently and the plug will fall out.  You will see a slotted screw inside the end of the shaft now.


Unscrew the screw and washers from the other end.



Put the handle blank between the washers on the screw.  Hold the slotted screw with a screwdriver.  Then screw the phillips screw on attaching the blank.


Line up the holes and put the plug back in the end.


With all the holes lined up, screw the allen screw back in the end.


Attach the handle/blank assembly to your reel.