Welcome to Our New line of Handles!
We offer a large selection of fishing reel Handles for most popular reel models. To get the most out of your fishing reel consider upgrading your reel handle (round or t bar): Shimano Reel Handle, Penn Reel Handle, Daiwa Reel Handle, Abu Garcia Reel Handle, Fin-Nor Reel Handle, or just the reel knob available in both round and t bar and guaranteed to fit most conventional and spinning reels.

Why UPGRADE with our Power Handles?

  • Provides additional cranking power (increased torque) thru the extended length of the handle blank.
  • Permits the application of additional force from the forearm as the wrist is “rolled” around the knob.
  • No more inefficient “straight-arm” cranking.
  • Only a power handle can produce maximum force.
  • Increased Comfort – Strain and fatigue is reduced in the fingers and wrist.
  • The choice of 2 T-bar knob sizes permits a better fit to your hand.
  • Anodized Aluminum, lighter in weight than the stock brass handles.
  • Hi-Tech, attractive in appearance.

 Molded Rubber T Handle 4 1/8″ $17.95 each, Black only.



 Mini round knobs 1 3/8″ $17.95 each.




Standard T-Bar Only $24.95 each.


Standard size and Jumbo T-bar handles and knobs.

Available in Silver, Black or Gold
Standard T-Bar is 3 1/4″
Jumbo is 4 1/8″
Round Knob 1.85″ diameter.

Round Knob Only $19.95 each.
Standard T-Bar Only $24.95 each.
Jumbo T-Bar Only $39.95 each.


Blanks to pair with either size T-Bar or Knob.
Black only.

$29.95 for any blank plus Round Knob handle.

$34.95 for any blank plus standard size T-Bar handle.

$49.95 for any blank plus Jumbo T-Bar handle.

T-Bar and Knob Assembly Instructions

T-Bar and Knob Assembly Instructions.pdf – PDF format

NOTE: Spinners require drilling out the hole on the reel arm for the knob to fit.