SMOOOOOTH DRAG produces an extensive selection of
carbon fiber replacement drag washers for

Tuna School
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Smoooooth Drag Carbontex®

The Carbontex® material is made in layers, there is a fine weave and a coarse weave, which is stacked together accordingly to make the proper thickness.
There could be two layers of coarse weave, 1 layer coarse 1 layer fine, or just fine weave, depending on the thickness needed for each model.
There may any combination of these in each set to work in your reel. It does not matter how you stack or which way they face.
It’s all the same material, just different weaves. Performance is the same. It does not matter how you stack them.

Cal’s Universal Reel & Drag Grease.

Tan for most purposes.

Purple is light grease for cold weather fishing (Freezing or near freezing).

1 oz $8.00 1 lb $32.00